Christmas animations for sharing!  Have fun using them.

I have placed many more animations here for people to use also. May you enjoy!


Enjoy! Many blogs and sites now will not allow you to upload animations: But, you can link them in most today.

To link Right Click.........Click properties: Now copy the "entire url" of the animation......paste where you want it....Now it is hyperlinked to this site and the animation now works.

Or make a new folder: Name it Animations:

Now right click and save any animation you desire for your

collection right on your system to use.


When you right click to copy the embed url sometimes it will have a time stamp on the end. YOU MUST delete the time stamp and the ? at the end of the animation IF ONE IS THERE.  I simply use the backspace bar (button) to backspace the time stamp and the ? out of the embed url before I activate the animation. So can you! 








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With the principle that Congress should be by passed and using Executive Orders like manna from Heaven? And, as long as the Senate is under control by his party: We the People loose every day more privacy and even the Rights under the Bill of Rights piece by piece.

The groundwork is being set up for Dictatorship? Not perhaps by this President for him self: But, for another who follows?

The people of American are in a deep slumber? They see and hear and yet are deaf and blind when one after another event occurs. They deny what they see and hear and this also is predicted in the Scriptures.

This book reveals the hidden, and prepares the way for every Christian to prepare for the Time of the End. No one knows the date of the return and no one can tells you exactly when? But, the signs of the End Times are given and we are told that when we SEE ALL of THEM it is close at hand and at that point we are living then in the time of Tribulation at Hand. Fact and not fiction to those that know by Faith.

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